iMAPS New England Chapter

44th Symposium & Expo
Tuesday May 2nd, 2017
Boxboro Regency Hotel, Boxborough, MA

Symposium Technical Program Chairs Dr. Parshant Kumar and Dmitry Marchenko

President's Welcome Letter

Welcome to IMAPS New England 44th Annual Symposium and Expo - Jon Medernach, New England IMAPS Chapter President

Technical Chair's Welcome Letter

Welcome Letter - Dr. Parshant Kumar and Dmitry Marchenko, Technical Program Chairmen

Symposium Program

Booklet - Abstracts, Vendors, and pictures

Keynote Speaker

Dr. Livia Racz
Assistant Leader of the Chemical, Microsystem & Nanoscale Technologies Group
- Lincoln Laboratory - Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Lexington, MA

From Interconnect to Innovation in the DoD Presentation


Session A:

Nanoelectronics & Optoelectronics

Session Chairs: Yi Qian , MRSI Systems, and Jin Li , Cambridge Technology

Grand Challenges and Timelines for Electronic-Photonic Integration
Abstract Presentation
Lionel C. Kimerling , Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA

Standoff Chemical Sensing Wireless Network
Abstract Presentation
Xuejun Lu, University of Massachusetts Lowell, Lowell, MA

Quantum Cascade Laser Power Scaling Developments
Abstract Presentation
Jeffrey Shattuck , Forward Photonics, Wilmington, MA

Wafer-level Integration and Packaging of Micro-Concentrating Photovoltaics
Abstract Presentation
Juejun Hu, Lan Li, Duanhui Li, Tian Gu – Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA; Bradley Jared, Gordon Keeler, Bill Miller, William Sweatt, Scott Paap, Michael Saavedra, Charles Alford, John Mudrick, Anna Tauke-Pedretti - Sandia National Laboratories, Albuquerque, NM; Ujjwal Das, Steve Hegedus, - Institute of Energy Conversion, University of Delaware, Newark, DE

Challenges in Optical Sensor Module Packaging - Evolving from Past into Future
Abstract Presentation
Julia Ying Zhao, David Bolognia – Analog Devices, Inc., Wilmington, MA

Automated Die Bonding for High Volume Optoelectronics Manufacturing: Speed, Accuracy, and Flexibility
Abstract Presentation
Peter Cronin, MRSI Systems, Billerica MA

Session B:

MEMS & Nano Systems

Session Chairs: Robert White , Tuffs University and Rick Morrison , Draper

Miniature Multiwire Systems (MMS)
Abstract Presentation
Caprice Gray Haley, Anthony Kopa, Andrew Magyar, Amy Duwel, Brian Smith, Sara Barron, Mitch Meinhold, and Seth Davis – Draper, Cambridge, MA

A New Manufacturing Process for Fabricating 3D Interconnects for MEMS and ICs
Abstract Presentation
Cihan Yilmaz, PhD, Flex Boston Innovation Center, Boston, MA

MEMS Packaging for Reliable, Low Pressure Sensing in Automotive Applications
Sam MacNaughton, Matt Lasorsa, Giff Plume – Sensata Technologies, Attleboro, MA

Low Temperature, Hermetic Packaging of a MEMS Electric Field Sensor
Abstract Presentation
Douglas Gauthier, Daniel Reilly, James Bickford, & Stephanie Golmon – Draper, Cambridge, MA

Advanced Integration Program at BRIDG and the Reliability Issues with 2.5D / 3D Integration
Abstract Presentation
Amit Kumar, John Allgair – BRIDG, Neocity, FL

Tuning the Resonance Frequency of Piezoelectric MEMS Microphones by Sizing Acoustic Ports
Abstract Presentation
Yu Hui, Jongsoo Choi, & Robert Littrell – Vesper MEMS, Boston, MA

Session C:

RF and Microwave: Innovations & Emerging Technologies

Session Chairs: Tom Terlizzi , GM Systems LLC and Chandra Gupta , Communications & Power Industries, LLC

Microwave and Millimeter Wave Multi-Chip Module Manufacturing
Abstract Presentation
Earle Stewart, HXI, LLC, Harvard, MA; David Robbins – Monzite Corp., Nashua, NH

Challenges of Microwave Assembly
Abstract Presentation
Jay Chudasama, Agile Microwave Technology Inc., Hicksville, NY

Design and Analysis of Antennas for a Modern Smartwatch
Abstract Presentation
Tracey Vincent, CST [Computer Simulation Technologies] - Framingham, MA

Visual Identification of Organic Residue on Microelectronic Components via In-Process Visible Light Fluorescence
Abstract Presentation
Tristan Baldwin, Richard Rochford - BAE Systems, Nashua, NH

Hermetic System-in-Package for High Power RF MEMS Switch
Abstract Presentation
Chris Keimel, Kaustubh Nagarkar – Meino Micro - Irvine, CA

Device Physics Matters in RF Designs and Manufacturing
Abstract Presentation
Chandra Gupta, Communications & Power Industries, LLC, Beverly, MA

Session D:

Medical Device Packaging

Session Chairs: Caroline Bjune , Draper and Steve LaFerriere , Yole Développement

Embedding of Active Components in LCP for Implantable Medical Devices
Abstract Presentation
Susan Bagen , MST [Micro Systems Technologies], Mesa, AZ 85210; Dr. Eckardt Bihler, Dr. Marc Hauer - Dyconex AG, Switzerland

Low-Cost Electronically-Controlled Prostheses for Transfemoral Amputees
Abstract Presentation
Molly Berringer, Draper / MIT, Cambridge, MA

The Use of Advanced Microelectronic Packaging Techniques to Miniaturize Implantable Neuro Stimulators
Abstract Presentation
Jim Ohneck, AEMtec/Exceet North America, Cleveland / Akron, OH

Chromatic Mechanical Response in 2-D Layered Transition Metal Dichalcogenide (TMDs) based Nanocomposites
Abstract Presentation
Balaji Panchapakesan, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Worcester, MA

Dragonfleye - Ultraminiature Cybernetic Insect Control Using Optogenetics
Abstract Presentation
Carlos Segura, Jesse Wheeler, Joseph Register, John Le Blanc, Parshant Kumar, Dennis Callahan, Charles Lissandrello, Aaron Stoddard, Andrew Czarnecki, Christopher Salthouse, Alexander Oliva, – Draper, Cambridge, MA

Thread Based Sensors and Interconnects for Medical Diagnostics
Abstract Presentation
Meera Punjiya, Tufts University, Medford, MA

Session E:

Thermal Management

Session Chairs: David Saums , DS&A LLC

Automation of Die Attach of Si onto Cu using BondFlow (TM)
Abstract Presentation
Richard Koba, Kent Hutchings – Materion, Tyngsboro, MA; Jim Fraivillig - Fraivillig Technologies, Boston, MA; Peter Cronin - MRSI Systems, North Billerica, MA

Market, Regulatory, Packaging, and Thermal Design Issues for Implantable Medical, Handheld, and Mobile Devices
Abstract Presentation
David L. Saums, DS&A LLC, Amesbury, MA

Efforts Toward a Board Level Holistic Thermal and EMI Solution for Mobile Electronic Devices
Abstract Presentation
Eugene Pruss, Jason Strader - Laird Technologies, Cleveland, OH

Thermal Test Chip for Thermal Characterization and Qualification of Materials and Semiconductor Packages
Abstract Presentation
Mohamad Abo Ras, Berliner Nanotest und Design GmbH, Berlin, Germany

Improved Heat Dissipation for High-Power Systems via Nanocopper-Based Metal SMT
Abstract Presentation
Alfred A. Zinn, Kuprion Inc. (Lockheed Martin), Palo Alto, CA

Electronic Coolants for Liquid Chillers and Direct Refrigerant Chillers for Electronic Systems
Abstract Presentation
Randy Owen, K-O Concepts Inc., Titusville, FL

Session F:

Printed Electronics

Session Chairs: Katherine J. Duncan ,Printed RF Structures Group and Craig Armiento , UMass Lowell

Printing 3-D Nanostructures for Electronics and Sensors Applications
Abstract Presentation
Cihan Yilmaz, Flex Boston Innovation Center, Cambridge, MA

Inkjet Printable Etching and Plating Resists
Abstract Presentation
Krishan Balantrapu, Dow Electronic Materials, Marlborough, MA

3D Printing of Flexible and Stretchable Interconnects
Abstract Presentation
Mike O'Reilly, Optomec, Inc., Albuquerque, NM

Use of 3D Printed Antennas for RF Energy Harvesting Purposes
Abstract Presentation
Charlotte Blair, ANSYS Inc., Middlebury, CT

Printed Electronics and Additive Microelectronic Packaging for RF/Microwave Applications
Craig Armiento,University of Massachusetts Lowell, Lowell, MA

Session G:

Poster Session

Session Chairs: Tom Marinis , Draper and Amaresh Mahapatra, Linden Photonics, Inc.

Fabrication and Characterization of Novel Low Inductance Micro-Coaxial Cables
Daniela A. Torres, S.C Barron, A. Kopa, M.R Miller, A.P Magyar, P.H. Lewis, M.W. Meinhold, C.L. Gray - Draper, Cambridge, MA; R.D White - Tufts University, Medford, MA

Optimal Design of Longitudinal-Fin Heat Sinks Accounting For Simultaneously Developing Flow and Conjugate Effects
Georgios Karamanis, Marc Hodes - Tufts University, Medford, MA

Drone Delivery of Cold Chain Medical Supplies Viability and Efficacy
Michael Beinor, Evan Bosia, Scott Cazier, Keegan Train, Jianyu Liang, Gregory Fischer - Worcester Polytech Institute, Worcester, MA

Verifying Electronic Component Cleanliness using Ion Chromatography
Scott Mazur , Benchmark Electronics – NH Division, Nashua, NH

Fabrication of Conformal Electronics Packaging with Microfluidic Eutectic Metal Interconnects
Nikolas Kastor, Tufts University, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Medford, MA

Photos of 2016 - 2017 Meetings - Photographer: Joseph W. Soucy

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Tuesday May 2nd, 2017
Boxboro Regency Hotel, Boxborough MA

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